The secret of how to convert powerpoint to video format

powerpoint to videoMost of the people know that how to create PowerPoint presentations, but do not know how to convert powerpoint to video. One couldn’t realize that such presentation could be easily converted into video, which could be easily posted on the You Tube and also used as source of the video marketing. While creating PowerPoint file one should keep it mind to keep presentation small and concise and ensure font is large fairly so that it is read easily when video is going to be watched. Once PowerPoint is finished, save it as ppt file. When one wants to give high-fidelity versions of presentation to their colleagues or customers, save it and then let this play as video. While converting powerpoint presentations to the video, one could add the music and voice track. Just turn on option of record sound and choose the Microphone – now one could comment on each slide when conversion starts. For adding the background music, choose the speakers and just start playing the music through media player alongside powerpoint conversion. Choose advance slides automatically or manually, or leave it as defined in original presentation. If choosing advance slides manually, it is needed to be clicked on next button whenever wants to go to next slide during conversion, useful while you record the narrations. Choose advance slides automatically if want to advance each of the slide after same period of the time and do not forget to set up the timing.

Ways of converting powerpoint presentation into attracting videos
Did you really know that PowerPoint presentations could be saving as video files? Well, yes it could and it just takes few mouse clicks. Looking towards expand the reach presentations? When learning how to convert PowerPoint to video, one should keep in mind the things that could be done with it:

* Post it on web site

* Post it on Facebook or blog

* Burn it to CD and send to potential clients

* Post it on the YouTube

Selecting The Best Android Tablet

imagesIn the age of tablets and smartphones, Android based gadgets have efficiently managed to define a unique identification for them. All the Android operated gadgets are popular for their user- friendly interface as well as the free games and applications available with them. Though these applications were already a part of many smartphones that came before Android, these were expensive enough that not everyone was able to manage them. With the release of Android operating system based tablets and smartphones in the marketplace, this entire range of high end applications as well as games became more available to the common public.

Android tablets have an advantage over other tabs available in the market. These tablets are operated with one of the most extremely effective and convenient operating-system available today i.e. Android operating system itself. These are extremely personalized as well. The reliability as well as extremely effective features offered by Android operating system is the reason why some of the vehicle manufacturers in the world are also enthusiastic about it, so that they can find something useful and interesting for their clients. Specifically discussing of Android tablets, it is a known fact that a whole new variety of tabs have increased in the electronic industry. Apart from this, the new range of games and apps that accompanies these tabs are also extensive. However, all these options can put people in a huge dilemma. To learn effectively for everyone to easily and smartly spend money on an Android tablet, you should consider all aspects which should be kept in thoughts before making an investment in an Android operated tablet. To help create a great decision, search down and take a look at some of the points to be kept in thoughts before buying an Android tablet.

1. Purpose/ Usage of tablet
2. Size of the tablet
3. The right Android operating system
4. The right manufacturer
5. Budget

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Android Tops The Charts

images (1)The Android phone was released in 2008 and was seriously anticipated by many customers who wanted a different type of experience on the mobile system. Since its first appearance, it has managed to entertain the minds of many individuals by providing them experiences of a different level. Because of its several abilities, the device provided amazing opportunities and advantages that other intelligent systems weren’t capable of providing or hadn’t made available. Android operating system takes the lead in mobile technology today. Since 2011, the sales of the Android phones have far outperformed that of other smartphone technology. Android operates on a linux system that is combined with an interface of direct manipulation. A Linux kernel is defined as an OS that is designed for a computer or device that is organized on a free and open software model. This open design allows the Android system to provide multiple enhanced functions and applications at prices that are affordable for everyone. The Android  smartphone has an extremely skilled interface and is very user-friendly, which is part of the reason for its amazing success. The Android family currently consists of more than 900 million satisfied customers, which clear categorizes the phone platform as the leading smartphone technology on the market.

Benefits of the Android

· Compatible with plenty of applications, such as Google Play

· Android OS allows customers to select applications from other platforms and sites

· Functions several free or low cost apps

· Android smartphones have extended battery life which allows longer usage periods

· Functions capability to block unwanted ads

· The physical highlights of the Android smartphones are user-friendly, color choices are abundant,

· Resolution and screen size is spectacular and makes it simple to view the screen

· Overall budget Android cellular phones are very competitive because of the wide based price ranging from low to mid-range

Use of Rugged Data Storage Systems in mission-critical applications

Rugged Data StorageRugged data storage systems play a crucial role in the development of security systems in military field. There are several advantages of including rugged data storage system in military science. Large memory capacity is one among the main advantages of including rugged data storage system. Selection of a data storage system from reliable and trusted company assures high durability and long lasting performance. Extreme working condition is quite common in military fields.

Choosing the right rugged data storage systems which can withstand the high temperature condition holds a prominent role in military science field. Rugged data storage disks are made in such a way that it can withstand the extreme temperature conditions without any protective covers. Many of the ingredients used for the making of rugged data storage units are tested and verified to withstand extreme temperature conditions. Hence never hesitate to make use of rugged storage products while working in extreme temperature areas.

As per research, and by Rugged computer manufacturing company data storage systems are made in such a way that it can even withstand a temperature ranging from -40 degree Celsius and +85 degree Celsius. Shock resistance is another highlighting feature of a rugged data storage system. When compared to other storage products in military field, this particular storage device ensures high performance with minimum risk of shocks. Low vibration is another advantage of using rugged data storage system in military field. It assures high performance with less vibration in security needed regions.

Working conditions in regions with extreme temperatures are quite common in military field. Hence it is very important to get a data storage system with protective layers. Rugged data storage system generally comes with protective case made from materials like aluminium which can withstand extreme temperatures. Maintenance free devices are very important in military fields. Rugged data storage system serves as the ideal choice for all in search of maintenance free devices.


Amazon Kindle Support

images (2)The Amazon kindle is the perfect device for people who are fond to reading. The easy idea of using wireless networking encourages customers to surf through their preferred publications, weblogs, books etc. and quickly obtain whatever they like. In fact, customers are even free to shop for their preferred books and other types of digital press. However, getting used to an Amazon kindle is not so easy. It is a fantastic system but you will need efforts and support to get used to its awesomeness.

Learn the basics

First things first, explore your device. Preferably, you should study through the entire instructions and try to understand as much as you can. If that doesn’t seem to work for you, try surfing around through a few training videos on how to get started with your Amazon kindle. Given the reputation of the product, you are assured to find many choices and so determining the fundamentals shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Navigation controls

This is the important part when it comes to knowing how to use your all new Amazon kindle. The navigation panel includes 5 important factors each with a different objective. These important factors will help you study the book, emphasize paragraphs, save webpages, purchase new editions, etc. Preferably, the customer’s guide will have information on the use of each key. But, you must also do a little bit of experimentation learning to accustom yourself to the new configurations.

Register the Kindle

Yes! You will have to sign-up your Amazon kindle on the Amazon website to make sure that you get access and capability to surf through as well as obtain your preferred books. The signing up is easy and wouldn’t take long. Furthermore, it will allow you to improve the utility of your Amazon kindle.

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