Why WhatsApp pace would be unstoppable in the next few years

WhatsappSince last January, the amount of WhatsApp users has reached about 100 million people. An encouraging result for Jan Koum and friends. However Koum as WhatsApp CEO has set a target of 1 billion users by the end of 2015. A very optimistic expectation and we should wait for the realization. Creative steps are needed to reach that target. One new feature has been launched in the past year, the Voice Calling feature for Android users.

How about iOS? iOS is the second largest smartphone operating system after Android; of course this OS would not be missed by WhatsApp. Calling Voice features will be released for iOS in the near future. Windows Phone will soon get this feature after iOS gets an update feature. Associated with this feature, at the end of February, the number of users of Blackberry Beta admitted that they had been able to use WhatsApp Voice Calling. Apparently, this feature will be enjoyed by all users of WhatsApp very soon, and will be not limited to the Beta version users. Want to know more details about this calling feature? There is one website that provides detail info about chatting applications, you should visit this website and read all information provided.

One unique change after Facebook purchased WhatsApp is the addition of two ticks that can change from gray to blue. This check mark change is an indication that the message has been read by the recipient. Not only that, Message Info feature was also added. This feature can be accessed by pressing the message you’ve wrote for a few seconds. What about the speed and practicality in sending a message? WhatsApp users can now send text messages, voice messages, pictures, and video with uniform quality. Even messaging via WhatsApp has been integrated on the GPS system, so that we can send to someone, the location where we are.

Do you think that what has been described above has been completed? If you so, you are wrong because WhatsApp introduced PC chat. What you need is a PC and stable Internet connection. The feature is able to work well on any PC, no matter what operating system used; Windows, Mac OS X, and even Linux. This feature is perfect for anyone who wants more smoothly and quickly in chatting through WhatsApp. With this new series of features, seemingly WhatsApp pace would be unstoppable, at least not in the next few years. Hundreds of millions of people are all too familiar with WhatsApp and seem reluctant to go out because WhatsApp chat facility provided is faster and smoother than similar services by other companies.


What The Spyware and Cookies are and the risks

011At first glance, cookies and spyware seem almost the same but actually there are many differences between them relating to the manner of operation and how they are used. The equation, is both cookies and spyware pose security problems of data and other personal information.

Spyware is a software that is entered into the computer without the knowledge of their owners. Spyware trying to steal information from your computer and then send it to a specific destination via an Internet connection. The information captured can include passwords or credit card data that is prone to be misused. Unlike a virus, there is no a pattern of how spyware works so that makes it even more dangerous.

Cookies function as a kind of reminder and in many ways, cookies can be very helpful. For example, if you have ever visited a certain site, then that site might be asked whether the ID and password you want to be remembered. If you choose “yes”, the data will be recorded or entered into cookies on your computer and while visiting the site again, you can instantly without having to enter your login ID and password again. Cookies also can track whether you visited a site for the first time or have been repeatedly and this is beneficial in the process of statistical analysis of visitors who enter into these sites.

Dark Side Cookies
Cookies have the same level of hazard with spyware or viruses because of its ability to know much information about yourself or your company. DoubleClick, an advertising company that was purchased by Google, has cookies that will know who is visiting a site, as long as user have installed script from Google’s ads. Doubleclick places cookies on your computer so that they would know where you are visiting after a click on Google ads.

How to Eliminate Spyware
Many tools that can be used to remove spyware from your computer. You just need to enter the keyword ‘spyware removal’ to get software that can be downloaded for free. You can also use a paid anti spyware software to get a more complete features.

How to Eliminate Cookies
Popular tool used to eliminate cookies is CCleaner. CCleaner is a free software that will remove cookies from your computer regardless of which web browser you use. The program also has other additional features such as being able to eliminate Clutter or files that are not used anymore.

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Hard drive data recovery – how does it work?

Data RecoveryIn case you did not believe it, the rumour is true: Once something is entered into a computer, it never really goes away. Although this may seem scary to you at first, it is actually the main characteristic of computers that allows your old data to be recovered if it is lost.

If your computer shuts down by surprise or you drop it on a pile of bricks, the data is still intact even though you may not be able to see it. As long as the connections in the motherboard are still soldered together, the data is able to be retrieved.

How Data Works Inside a Computer

No matter how complex computers seem from the consumer side, everything that happens inside the box happens as binary code – insanely long strings of 0s and 1s, offs and ons. New data does not take up any physical space in the computer. The reason that things appear the same on your computer screen is because the 0s and 1s do not move in the binary code. Nothing can make them move outside of physical separation. Think of it like this: Even if you close your eyes, you can still move your finger. You can go to sleep, and when you wake up, your finger will still move in the same way. The data for how to move your finger remains in your brain even if you “turn yourself off.” The same can be said for a computer, experts in the field such as our contributor at CyberCall’s data recovery in Bristol will always be able to diagnose the problem and look to see what data can be recovered.

When you erase data on your screen by deleting a document, you are not removing that information from the computer’s binary code. What you are doing is giving the computer permission to write over it with another document if the computer does not have enough free space to imprint the code somewhere else. However, a computer can also store the memory of the code before it is overwritten. This is the reason that a qualified professional can retrieve this formatting – it is never really gone.

When you take your computer into a repair expert to retrieve data, what that person is really doing is accessing an old format – making the computer remember how it was set up before the incident that caused actions that you did not like. Never believe any so-called professional who says that your data cannot be retrieved, because it certainly can with the right resources. For more tips on topics such as data recovery and computer technology see CyberCalls’s computer repair blog.


Find skilled data recover specialist to improve the business

Data recovery optionsData recovery has to be done with the expertise technicians available in the market in order to gain data back without any issues. As technicians are trained in this field, they know how to handle the data recovery in the storage media or hard disks. Preserving the important data is vital work for any persons and they have to do it with automated backups. Many qualified professionals are available in the market and they have to get guidance from the one who understand their problem better. Data recovery options will vary based on the effects in hard disks and they have to notice this thing properly for getting benefits. Right procedures and strategies have to be used in the data recovery for avoiding the unwanted problems later. Faulty circuit boards in the hard drives have to be removed otherwise they cannot get back the important data stored on it.

Data recoveries will take huge cost if they do not assign the work to skilled professionals. Business owners have to face number of troubles if they lose the data stored and they have to spend much amount to get the data back. Many advanced software programs have been available in market and they can purchase it to get greater results in data recovery. If people call skilled professionals for recovering the data, they will handle the issues in a simple manner. Accident deletion or corruption to the files can be solved by appropriate recovery method and people should not worry about this thing. Many business persons are losing millions of dollars in their business because of the data loss and they have to maintain it properly to avoid it. Data integrity is very important for business and they have to realize it for gaining profits without issues. Get professional recovery service in order to provide assistance in a best way.

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Get more information about Microsoft office Excel database

MS officeMS Excel is a very important Microsoft office application that is basically helpful to create databases. Using this excel application, the computer users can easily create and maintain spreadsheets. It is very useful for storing contacts or storing list of data, performing financial calculations, doing statistical analysis, and many more. This MS office application is widely used by millions of people around the world for storing any numbers of their contacts. It is very helpful in all types of business field to store any data in a proper list. This application has a main role in the marketing business. MS Excel is highly beneficial application for the businessmen in the marketing field. With the help of the excel application, they can create and save numerous numbers of contacts of various clients or potential customers in the database.

Along with the contact number, they can also save names, addresses, email ids, or some other personal information of customers or clients in the format of excel xls files. All business people can easily carry out their business transactions using the excel spreadsheets. If any person wants to send a specific email to the different people through the help of the outlook application, they can try to send every outlook email to the excel application one by one. It is definitely beneficial to transfer the excel database to the PST at one go instead of sending multiple emails one by one. The computer users can easily convert the ms excel file into the outlook file with the help of the third party conversion tool. If the persons want to become experts in the marketing field, they should be an expert in the MS Excel database. Every position in the marketing field require detailed knowledge of ms excel to maintain several marketing records in the database.

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