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Powerful iPhone 5 extended battery

Most of the working professionals are dependent on their iPhones for their documents, multi-media files and calls. Secondly, they have to travel often for official purposes. Having the battery of the iPhone drained out when one needs their phone the most is extremely annoying and every user wants to get rid of it.
UNM has launched an innovative snap on detachable eco friendly battery case which provides infinite energy to even the powerful batteries. The iPhone 5 extended battery launched by UNM has the capability of quenching the thirst of the batteries ensuring the users that don’t need to worry about the low battery of their phone anymore.
The users can rely on this battery case as they have been tested and certified by ROHS, CE and FCC. They have given a whole new dimension to safety and reliability. They ensure peace of mind to the users by delivering excellent battery backup.
One factor that all the users look for in the iPhone is design, style and look. The good news is that this iPhone 5 extended battery case comes in a stunning design in beautiful colours like pink, purple, leaf-yellow, blue, white and black. The users can select the colour according to their taste and personality. In fact, one can experiment with the look of the iPhone by using battery cases of different colours according to the situation. This way, one can impart a whole new look to the iPhone by using the battery case of different attractive colours.
The major selling point of this battery case is that it employs lithium polymer battery which is eco friendly and plays a great role in improving the environment. Besides, it helps the users to cut down unnecessary costs as they don’t have to purchase a new battery every time they upgrade the phone.

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