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How Not To End Up Voiding Your iPhone Warranty

download (119)More than likely, when you bought your iPhone, you bought the warranty to go along with it. As it is such a costly financial commitment, there is no purpose you should not make sure you deal with your cellphone, but you have that warranty for a reason: if something goes incorrect. That is why you should take proper care not to spoil your warranty, and take observe of how easy it can be sometimes to spoil it without even recognizing it.

Your iPhone’s Back Cover

Removing your iPhone’s back cover, no issue the use for it, can cause more issues if you are not approved by the apple company to do so. While it may not be actually apparent that you have ever started out the back of your iPhone, doing so instantly voids your assurance, even if it is an easy elimination of the screws to effectively clean along the sides of your iPhone. That being said, as long as you are cautious in eliminating the screws and secure it back to place effectively, there is no way that a specialist will understand that you have eliminated the back of your iPhone and cannot reject your assurance on doubt alone. The assurance for iPhone in this situation is often remaining up to the technician’s attention, however. It is best to prevent eliminating the back cover of your iPhone at all expenses, and certainly any aesthetic improvements you create to your iPhone including it will freely and obviously spoil your warranty and should thus be prevented entirely.

Water Damage and Your iPhone

One of the most typical methods to entirely spoil your warranty is through water damage. Most people have had the awful encounter of losing something costly into water unintentionally, be it in the bathroom or drain or even the beach. Your iPhone would be a very costly error as water damage voids your warranty entirely.


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