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Why free SIM deals prove best as mobile users favour data

sim-cardPrice is incredibly important to UK consumers; the rise of e-commerce has made it easier for people to compare products from different service providers to get the best value. According to research carried out among providers and communities, according to one survey carried out by giffgaff, a leading SIM provider, their community had this to say:

…out with the SMS, in with the data… was the general consensus among more than 10,000 community members, surveyed last month

But it isn’t just service providers and industry providers coming up with the same conclusions. Additionally, a recent study from Moneywise Magazine found that 79 percent of mobile users are unwilling to upgrade to 4G because it is too expensive to do so at the moment.

The surveys and research carried out by giffgaff indicate how sensitive consumers are to price and also demonstrates that people prefer mobile tariffs with bigger monthly data allowances over those with faster speeds.

It is obvious that consumers are becoming more discriminating as incomes shrink and costs for almost everything appear to carry on rising. Since there are plenty of options, you need to know what kind of deal works best for your needs and budget. You can find a balance of value and performance, especially with pay as you go credit and freebies. So what makes these types of deals so attractive to consumers of all ages?

Data Inflator
The data needs of the average mobile user are increasing, thanks to the growing use of smartphones. Even a low cost modern mobile can be used for email, instant messaging, web calls, video streaming and online gaming, all of which will take a chunk out of your data allowance.
While you can give your data connection a breather by connecting your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network, this does mean your movement will be limited by the range of this coverage so it is better to get a free SIM deal with a decent amount of data included.

The good news is that you do not have to commit to a lengthy contract if you go the SIM-only route, and you can get a decent amount of data on pay as you go packages or monthly offers with no fixed term.
Flexible Advantages

One of the issues with committing to a mobile package that includes a free handset is that you will have to tie yourself in to a contract for an average of two years. This might be okay at the beginning when your data tariff fits, but as you grow the fit may become too restrictive with little flexibility.

Flexibility is an increasingly important element in a market where data usage is fluctuating – and many consumers are beginning to favour data over other inclusive features like voice minutes and texts.

Instant messages are now a more popular form of mobile communication than SMS, while VoIP calling could well eclipse traditional mobile services in the next half-decade. So by going SIM-only, you can prepare for whatever changes lie ahead.

Consumers should research the websites of and similar providers to keep abreast of the offers available – and there are many. Flexibility is the key to the best service available. As consumers demand greater flexibility in their mobile tariffs, providers will have to deliver or lose their market share.


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