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Master Excel Online with Ease

Do you dread opening Microsoft Excel 2010 whenever you need to collate, analyze and create useful information from your data? Excel can be a very perplexing program to use as many people struggle to get the most out of it. If you were to take a web-based training course that teaches you how to use this popular program, you’d be able to maximize Excel wherein you’d be very proficient and comfortable using it. Here is what you can expect when you take an online training course in Excel.

A Grasp of the Basics
The typical online training course would start out with the very basics of creating and saving a new workbook. You will be taught, step by step how to enter data into cells, do basic mathematics and prepare pages for printing. Once you feel confident that you know the bare boned basics, you will then be ready to move on.

Formatting and Using Excel as a Database
The next step would involve learning how to format with themes and how to use the provided templates. You’ll be taught how to add graphics and charts and how to use the program as a database. Once you’ve mastered these tasks, you will learn how to use advanced formulas and how to apply conditional formatting to your worksheets.

Most online training courses for Excel 2010 go into detail when teaching students how to format cells, rows, columns and sheets. The goal of this portion of Excel training is to make you feel comfortable with number, date and text formatting as well as with cell alignment and orientation. You will be shown how to wrap text, apply borders and shading and how to change the size of columns. You can expect to be taught how to change sheet tab colors and how to use the Format Painter feature. The reason so much emphasis is put on formatting is because the typical beginner often struggles to learn all the various aspects of formatting cells, rows, columns and sheets.

Creating Charts and Graphs
Once you’ve mastered the formatting portion of Excel 2010 training, you will most likely move on to the creation of charts and graphs. Here you will practice making simple charts and will be taught how to edit and format the charts you’ve created.

Printing with Excel
You will be taught how to use the various printing options including previewing, page orientation, adding headers & footers and scaling. There are many choices offered when printing a workbook and you’re allow to choose which parts of your workbook to print and how the data fits onto the page. During this segment of the training, you’ll learn how to prepare your workbooks for printing by altering the margins, scale, titles and page breaks.

The above is what you can expect from a typical online Excel training course. Most of these courses make use of videos which walk you through each and every aspect of Excel so you can clearly see how to perform the various tasks using the provided tools. You can expect the training to be run by fully qualified and experienced Microsoft trainers. Some training programs can even tailor a course for you if you want to learn how a specific functionality of Excel works.


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