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Virus Removals You Can Do Yourself

It can be both frustrating and frightening if your computer happens to be infected with a malware, spyware, or virus. Fortunately, there is numerous inexpensive virus removal applications, which can help you protect your computer from virus threats and help relieve the anxiety caused by an infected PC.

Today, with the easy access to the Internet, your computer becomes an easy target for malware, spyware, and viruses. These infections will significantly slow down the speed of your computer’s operating system and sometimes causes the computer not to start up. If the computer is infected with viruses or spyware, your important data, documents, passwords, and other personal data are all at risk. Thus, it is important to protect your computer from these threats especially if it is connected to the Internet. Refer to for safe internet connection options.

How to Protect Your Computer

There is a high risk of losing your important data if your computer gets infected with viruses. Because of this, having an excellent backup solution is very critical. In some cases, if the computer becomes overly infected, there is no virus removal method available to fix it, and it requires a complete re-installation of the Operating System as well as other programs to get your computer back to its running condition. Hence, having regular back ups of your personal or company data is your first line of defense against computer viruses. Then, install antivirus software, firewalls, anti-malware, and antispyware programs on your system for an added security. However, what if your computer has already become infected? This is when virus removal applications come into play.

DIY Virus Removals

Fortunately, there are numerous programs and tools that can help you remove the infections from your computer. Some of these virus removal programs are offered for free, while others require to be purchased. Here are some of the most commonly used virus removal programs:

Microsoft Security Essentials

A free scan from Microsoft is a good place to start your virus removal. Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the free programs offered by Microsoft that can help ensure the computer’s health. Just go to the Microsoft website and download this free application. Then, after installing the application, click on the button that says “Full Service Scan” and just follow the instructions on your computer screen. The application will then scan your computer for threats and viruses and cleans up your computer’s system registry, temp files, and even defrags your computer if necessary. It only takes a few hours to complete the scan and clean up your computer’s operating system.

Webroot Software

Webroot is a company that specializes malware, spyware, and virus removal and prevention. The company offers a wide array of software programs and tools for business, home office, and home use. Their products also come with free trials and a free system scan. Webroot also offers a Professional Service package where they can install or setup the software, control your system, and troubleshoot your computer remotely.

Other Free Virus Removal Software

Other virus removal programs that you can use to make your own free security suite include the following:

– Avast Antivirus
– AVG Antivirus
– Kaspersky Antivirus
– Spybot Search and Destroy
– Malwarebytes
– Lavasoft


Here are a few important things to remember before you start using any virus removal program:

– Make sure that you perform a complete backup of your Operating System and files.
– Keep in mind that you can only install one antivirus program on your system at a time.
– Malware and spyware programs can be used together with your antivirus program at the same time.

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